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Warning: This page contains spoilers!

General Information[]

Rhin is the queen of Cambren. Morcant is her first-sword.

Physical Characteristics[]

Rhin has silver/white hair, and her face is lined, wrinkles creasing around her eyes when she smiles. She wears a ring and her crown is a band of silver around her neck. Her skin is mottled and paper thin, with blue veins visible through it. Her Cambren cloak is checked black and gold, but she also wears a sable cloak, trimmed in white fox fur. Her fingernails are long and she is straight-backed despite her age. There is something predatory about her.



Rhin, along with Uthas, assists Evnis in pledging himself to Asroth.

Rhin attends the King's Council, but declines to join Aquilus' alliance.

Evnis, under orders from Rhin, disguises himself as a member of Brenin's warband and assassinates Uthan, the son of Owain, as part of Rhin's plan to fool Owain and Brenin into a war against one another.


Queen Rhin is loyal to Asroth.